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Savvy travellers know that successful travel planning involves things like comparison shopping and searching for the best deals. Everyone secretly loves a good deal and nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you just scored the best price possible on the market. For anyone who loves to travel as much as I do, nailing down a great deal on a flight, hotel, or car rental is something we all hope for. I mean, who doesn’t like saving some cash? We all work hard for our money and having every cent count for more these days is something everyone wants.


With the internet chalk full of information and sites claiming to find you the best of the best when it comes to travel deals, how is one supposed to know where to turn to, or which sites are actually going to save you more than just a few pennies? Enter in Reviews.com – a site dedicated to actually finding you the best of anything travel related and so much more!

Long Haul Flights

Reviews.com is exactly what their name suggests – a site solely dedicated to finding you the best sites to get the best deals, so you don’t have to. Think of all the time you’ve spent Googling things like, “How to score great travel deals?” “What’s the cheapest flight booking site?” Reviews.com has done all the work for you and breaks it down beautifully on their site as to why a certain site offers the best deals and on specific things such as flights, hotels, or car rentals. They do the comparison shopping for you in order to give you, the consumer, the best possible answers that you can actually trust.


What’s The Difference Between a Booking Engine and a Price Aggregator?

A booking engine such as Booking.com and Expedia , searches for results and lets you book your travel arrangements directly on their site. Fare aggregators such as Kayak and SkyScanner , will display available flights/rentals, but will redirect you either to the airline or agency’s site, or a booking engine site to complete your booking. With fare aggregator sites there might be additional fees once you get to the booking website itself , so Reviews.com gives a slight preference to booking engines, which tend to be more upfront about the final prices.


As an avid user and promoter of sites like Booking.com and Kayak.com already, I was happy to see these two sites that I use every single time when booking hotels and flights pop up on their top five list of best travel sites. I personally use Booking.com to secure all of my hotels and Kayak.com to book all of my flights, whereas Reviews.com states that Booking.com is best for airfare deals and Kayak.com is best for flexible planning, but to each their own. Both are incredibly fantastic sites to snag great deals.


The Top 5 Best Travel Sites According To Reviews.com

As a traveller who is always looking to snag some deals, I highly suggest checking out the links above to help you keep some extra spending money (for unlimited gelato purchases 😉 ) in your own pockets while planning your next adventure.

Do any of you guys use any of the sites mentioned above to book your travel? If you know of any other great sites to book hotel, flights, or car rentals, let me and other readers know below in the comments. Remember, sharing is caring, guys! 😉


This post was written as a review on the comprehensive travel search guides provided on Reviews.com and some links above may be affiliate links, but if you use them to book, it is at no additional cost to you and never will be. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own and as you know, if I find a site or deal that is worth sharing, I’ll always do so with you guys!

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Helpful Tool For Any Traveller

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