10 Reasons To Visit Galway, Ireland

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Have you asked yourself why there is so much talk about Ireland today? Well, Ireland has some of the world’s best tourist attractions you should visit. One of the must-see destinations is Galway, the gem that forever shines on Ireland’s crown. Located between Galway Bay and Lough Corrib, Galway is a unique attraction where the Irish tradition meets modern culture in a highly diverse city.  

The following are ten reasons why you should plan to visit Galway. Believe it or not, you’ll be preparing to fly there before you even read the last section. The only concern is that when you arrive in Galway, you may find it hard to leave – so don’t cry foul that you weren’t warned!

Galway Has The Best Character-Filled Pubs In Ireland

There are countless thrilling pubs in Galway, but there are select few that you have to visit. For instance, Salthill’s O’Connor is such a visual marvel. It stars a motley of cookware draped in the ceiling as well as old bloomers near the pub’s fireplace. Its chic atmosphere and live band music will make you want to stay much longer and make new friends. You wouldn’t want to miss calling into the Skeffington either. Here, you can watch different sports, warm up at the fireplace, or sip on your favorite beer as you enjoy the views across Eyre Square. If you are a horse racing fanatic, hop into Kennedy’s at the Eyre Square.

10_Reasons_To_Visit_Galway_IrelandPhoto Source
10_Reasons_To_Visit_Galway_IrelandPhoto Source

Mouth-Watering Delicacies

In Galway, you get the rarest chance to eat whatever you like all day long! The famous mantra “Eating is Cheating” doesn’t exist here. For a sumptuous breakfast, hop into the Esquires restaurant at the Eyre Square or feast on hot delicious pancakes at Dela located on Lower Dominick. Also hidden behind the Spanish Arch is a famous lunch eatery, Ard Bia, where you can partake the finger-licking organic cuisines. However, if you prefer excellent Irish fayre, head to Salthill and call into Galleon or try out the Quay Street Kitchen in the heart of the city.

Never-Ending Street Performances

After having your fill in Galway’s favorite food joints, walk down through Williamsgate Street to the thoroughfares of Quay Street. Along the way, you’ll come across all types of street performances, including dancers, singers, and traditional artists. All of them assists in amplifying the city’s ambiance and buzz.

10_Reasons_To_Visit_Galway_IrelandPhoto Source
10_Reasons_To_Visit_Galway_IrelandPhoto Source

Friendly Locals

Whichever age, size, or color you are, Galway’s undying love never fades. Its diverse, multi-cultured society has many exciting people who define Galway’s sui generis charm. This uncommon friendliness will make you want to return here once more.

Hosts One Of Ireland’s Greatest Horse Races

Every year in early August, Galway hosts one of the most celebrated horse racing competitions in Irish history. The small Ballybrit village plays host to thousands of fanatics who enjoy the thrill associated with this event. Whether you are dressed in your horse racing gear or casually, you are in for a cutting-edge horse racing entertainment. This event is quite prevalent that W.B Yeats composed a poem about it known as “At Galway Races.”

You’ll Experience A Memorable Craic

Craic is an Irish term denoting the entertainment, fun, and thrilling experience with friends. With Craic, you’re in for laughs, dance, and singing with total strangers. Galway is the ideal destination for Craic where you’ll expect the unexpected.

10_Reasons_To_Visit_Galway_IrelandPhoto Source

Galway Is The Historical Hub Of Ireland’s Culture

Expect to find traditional music, literature, and art when you visit Galway. Creativity runs deep in the native’s DNA, and this explains why visitors stream in from all corners of the planet to take part in different festivals hosted annually. However, at the peak of all these cultural festivals is the annual International Arts Festival. It is held in June – a festival marked by dances, literature, arts, street performances, and much more. You can expect even more in 2020 when the County will be crowned as the European City of Culture.

10_Reasons_To_Visit_Galway_IrelandPhoto Source

You’ll Fall In Love With The Breathtaking Beaches

Well, they say if the city doesn’t fit your taste, there is a whole lot more than you can imagine down the coastline. Get out of the city down the coastal road to Salthill, and you will see the marvelous beach that will leave you in awe. You can alternatively choose to go for a jog or bask on the sandy beach gazing in the azure sky as the world revolves.

Enjoy The Amazing Countryside

Don’t be fooled! Galway City is just a fraction of this ravishingly gorgeous county in Ireland. Hire a Galway Tour Company and spare a few hours for a road trip into the Irish Wild West. Trip down to Clifden and into Maam Cross and find out exactly why Galway is known as “The City of the Tribes.” Additionally, enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the mind-boggling landscapes.

Finally, Shop Until You Drop!

So, you’ve got a fat wallet? Don’t worry! Head over to the lavish Brown Thomas department store and collect some Victoria Beckham outfits you love. Are you pinching pennies? No problem! Eyre Square is a great place you can find affordable items to take home after your memorable visit to Galway. Don’t forget to pick up some exquisite traditional Irish treasures or clothing from Treasure Chest and Kilkenny.

10_Reasons_To_Visit_Galway_IrelandPhoto Source
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10 Reasons To Visit Galway, Ireland

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