25 Photos That Will Inspire You To Book A Trip To Germany


Ohh, Germany. The land of breathtaking alpine scenery, fairy tale villages dotted with half timbered houses, hearty and delectable cuisine, stunning castles and not to mention, delicious German beer. Although many people associate Germany with the horrible events of WWII, Germany is now a multicultural country with kindhearted people and is known to have some […]

How To Spend A Day Exploring Heidelberg, Germany


Heidelberg is a charming and delightful city situated on the Neckar River in south-west Germany. Although relatively small in size, Heidelberg is bustling with tourists and university students throughout the year. Heidelberg, also known as the City of Romance, is a popular destination due to its romantic and picturesque cityscape, including Heidelberg Castle (Heidelberg Schloss) […]