Bloglovin’ – The Ultimate Guide On What It Is And Why You Should Be Using It


If you haven’t heard about Bloglovin’ yet, you are missing out on a great site and even better tool for bloggers, new and experienced.  I’m going to let you in on why you need to get an account and how to use it.

Bloglovin’ is now the main hub for readers to follow along with their favourite bloggers from around the world and is essentially a site that mimics an Instagram-like feed depending on your likes and preferences. Whether you’re into cars and gadgets, fashion and travel, or food and lifestyle, you’ll have no shortage of blogs to follow and keep up to date with. It’s amazing. I love it and you will too, I promise!

As a travel blogger, Bloglovin’ has definitely been a site/community that I’m glad I found and signed up to use. Once you set it up, every post you publish gets automatically uploaded to Bloglovin’ and is put into your reader’s feeds, meaning they never miss a post. I mean, how great is that? It gets your blog out and in front of your readers and you don’t have to be pushy about it. It’s a great way to gain readership and gain followers and I’ve definitely noticed more engagement on my own blog since signing up.


Why Bloglovin’ Is Beneficial For Bloggers

Two words: Easy Promotion. Once you’ve signed up and claimed your blog on Bloglovin’, the site’s algorithm will then recommend your blog to readers that follow similar blogs to yours. It also tells you which of your posts is the most popular, so you’ll see what your readers like to read about the most. It’s basically free marketing, which is great because let’s face it, who doesn’t like a bit of free help? The beauty of a RSS reader is that your readers will always see your posts updates in their feed while they follow you. Another great thing is, your readers will get an email when you publish a new blog post. You can just sit back and watch your readership and following grow! You’ll notice at the end of all my posts, there is a link telling people to follow my blog on Bloglovin’, which drive traffic to my blog via the Bloglovin’ site. See? Easy!

How To Use Bloglovin’ As A Reader

First thing’s first…sign up and create an account. Once you’ve created an account, you are now part of a plethora of online blogs. It may seem overwhelming at first because there are literally thousands of blogs about a TON of different subjects. Bloglovin’ is so easy to use and very user friendly once you get the hang of things and how it works. You can sort blogs by category, so if you follow my blog, which you should already be doing (haha), you will see that mine is categorized under Travel. Once you’ve found some blogs to follow, click on My Feed in the navigation bar and BOOM, there is your new, customized, Bloglovin’ feed. Yay! Every time a new post is uploaded by a blogger you follow, you’ll see a title image and a few sentences of that post. You’ll also have three options with every post. You can either Save the post to read later, Share it with others, or Mark as Read once you’ve read it. This is a great option to have to keep track of what you’ve read, liked or think may be useful to share with other people.




Breakdown: How To Utilize Your Bloglovin’ Account As A Blogger

  • Narrow down your category depending on what your blog focuses on most.
  • Include a Bloglovin’ link or social media button to your posts
  • Choose a great feature image as it is the first image a reader will see
  • Have a catchy headline to your blog posts that’ll reel readers in
  • Be active on Bloglovin’ as well. Show love, to get love!

Once you’ve mastered Bloglovin’, you’ll wonder how you did without it before. I personally love the app and everything it stands for. It creates a fantastic sense of community rather than competition and it’ll help you reach other bloggers and blogs that you may not know even existed. 

Bloglovin’ can be downloaded as an app from the App Store for iPhones, as well as Google Play for Androids. 

Happy reading and happy blogging! xo

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Why You Should Be Using BlogLovin

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